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Book Review: A Touch of Dead

, by Mystee

Summary from GoodReads: Every Sookie Stackhouse short story ever written—in one special volume—from the New York Times bestselling author.

New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris has re-imagined the supernatural world with her “spunky” (Tampa Tribune) Southern Vampire novels starring telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse. Now, for the first time, here is every Sookie Stackhouse short story ever written—together in one volume.

Stories include “Fairy Dust,” “One Word Answer,” “Dracula Night,” “Lucky,” and “Giftwrap.”

My Review: {This book is for adult readers} -- I would definitely recommend reading most, if not all, of the already released Sookie books before reading this. They would provide some additional character background for who everyone is and how they came into the picture. I have to be honest and say that this is the first book I've read that is a compilation of short stories. I'm not real sure how I feel about the idea of short stories. It almost seems as though they're rushed, in a way. There's not a lot of background and such {again, why I recommend reading the first 8 or so Sookie books}.
To explain some: "Fairy Dust" takes place after Dead to the World; "Dracula Night" is before Dead as a Doornail with "One Word Answer" being right after that book; "Lucky" is after All Together Dead and "Gift Wrap" is after Dead and Gone. Who's still following?
As always Ms Harris leaves you wanting more of her stories and each does end before you're ready for them to. Her writing style is still wonderful.
For those that want their little fill of unexpected romance, Gift Wrap is for you. Sookie gets an unexpected, yet welcomed visitor...little does she know, a relative has a rather heavy hand in this adventure.
If you enjoy seeing Eric in his happy place and anticipating an event that he enjoys, Dracula Night will have your full attention. Although, with this one, it does leave me slightly confused. Eric seems, in the books to have no lack of finances. But in this short story it states that only so many bottles of a very high quality blood drink were purchased due to expense. So, that does have me scratching my head a little. Maybe he's just cheap. ;)
On one of those wonderful upcoming summer evenings, when you're in the mood for a *Who done it*, Fairy Dust would be your story for the night. Sookie is called upon to help her fairy cousins find out who was responsible for a murdered fairy.
On Word Answer has some interesting details into the dead of Sookie's cousin Hadley. Sookie gets her fair share of interesting twists in this one.

I'd say this is a must have for any collector of the Sookie set. For those readers that want to know more explanation behind the characters they read about, not a good pick unless you've read the other books. The thing with this series, unlike a few others, these have to be read in order to do them justice.

I apologize that I couldn't go into more detail with my review, however, as short stories, I don't want to give away the best parts of the stories.

Pages: 192

Review copy of this book purchased by me.


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