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Details:  *NOTE - This book is explicit. Explicit and detailed violence to make the scenes unfold. Also sexual content.*

Lacee is the perfect upper class mom and wife. She’s active at the schools of her children and is the perfect host with a great husband, at all the social gatherings. Seemingly destined to keep the peace that surrounded her childhood, when her grandparents died, she was left their farm property that was situated by a beautiful river. Though she had her home, it became her retreat.
As vacationers and other random people turn up missing within their city limits, the whole town becomes alarmed about what might be going on in their cozy world. Linc, Lacee’s husband and FBI agent, begins to worry for his own family due to how random the crimes, whatever they turned out to be, were. If someone was killing these people where were they putting the bodies? Who would want to destroy their little town?

My Review: I have not read a book so different in a while. I will warn you - Explicit and sometimes violent/BDSM sex and very explicit sexual violence. However, I will also say that this totally fits with the book. I fell in love with a number of the characters. And I love the hard ass, frustrated agents. I can imagine real life frustration happening like this if this were a true story. I was drawn in from the get go and I can't wait until the second part of this. This is a must read (OMG - MOVIE PLEASE). Lacee is such an interesting, multi-faced character and Linc - can I just say, he HAS to find out, but what happens when he does (sorry, can't tell more or I'd spoil the story).

Disclaimer:  This review is 100% my honest opinion. Book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 5 of 5
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