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Summary from GoodReads: Joseph can hardly believe what he has been asked to do. His Aunt Kate, a wildlife biologist, is waiting for him at a research station and needs his help taking care of an orphaned polar bear cub only a few months old. He will leave his friends and family and venture to the farthest northern town in the United States. As the adventure unfolds, Joseph and his newfound Eskimo friend Ada find mysteries wherever they look. The bear cub, Delta, remains in danger. Who would want a polar bear dead? Joseph will have to look to the North Georgia woods to save Delta. When his parents were kids, they too embarked on an excursion into the unknown. Their encounters with the wilderness beyond their backyard have shaped the future for Joseph and Delta. A Place for Delta is about one family's journey—a passage born in the Appalachian Mountains and leading to the Arctic

My Review: This book is a great reminder of things we take for granted. Our world, resources, environment and habitats. A young boy travels far away from home to learn to treasure and save what is really important. Joseph and Ada go on many wondrous mysteries together.

Proper terms and words are used, but they are also well explained for a younger reader. Ideally this is a 9-12 book, but my 6 year old will be included on reading this. I think it is alright for a younger audience as long as their is some adult help.

You will love Delta and want to take her home and turn your swimming pool into her own little world of ice. I fell in love with her from the beginning.

This book, I've read, is to be the first in a series. I, personally, cannot wait for another. I have decided that this is a get together and read type of book and will be reading it on family nights with my own kids. I've always been one to worry about nature and animals and the effects we have on it and what we could and should be doing about it. I hope this book will help prove my point to my children. Perfect addition to ALL home libraries {we all do have those right?}. A great choice for children, adults, educators and everyone in between.

RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥

Pages: 266

Review copy of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful learning experience as well as a good story. ANother that I should most definitely add to the kids bookcase.


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