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Summary from GoodReads:

Rebecca’s life just keeps getting better. With Jack away on business, she’s looking forward to foud days alone to work on her new client’s PR campaign to help women take back their lives. But her past intrudes. Roy, the man who stalked and assaulted her years before, has been released from prison. Home alone in her big, beautiful house out in the country, Rebecca has to learn to take back her own life while facing her fears and regaining her strength. But will she be strong enough when she faces the ultimate test?

My Review: This is a well written book that faces the topic of abuse head on. It shows that it can happen and that anyone who has faced it, can move on and overcome. This book will hopefully spark the *you can do it* in everyone.

This book will have you turning pages with love, fear, courage, twists and suspense.

As a victim of severe domestic violence {mine went to prison after years of being together -- when he was released, I looked over my shoulder too}, I'm so glad someone put this out there. We all say we'd never allow it to happen to us. Then it does and we let it. But, for most of us, after that experience, it will never happen again. This is a great read for a Friday or Saturday night in when you're in need of some girl power reading.

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

Pages: 195

Review copy of this book was won. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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  1. Oh man. I'm glad, knowing what you went through, that you were ok with reading this book. I'll put it on my to pick up list. :)

  2. I'm going to add this to my to purchase list as well. My husband's going to eventually tell me to stay away from your blog. lol


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