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Summary from GoodReads: How Did We Get Here? Who's Our Daddy?

God, aliens, accident or something else? The controversy continues to rage after many thousands of years of argument, speculation, wonder %u2026 and murder.

In a daring and no holds barred expose`, The Levi Genes, the first book of The Levi Trilogy, exposes the truth of how we got here and how we%u2019ve developed over the millions of years.

The Levi Genes holds nothing back and spares no one to find, expose and explain the truth in a manner everyone can understand.

If you can%u2019t handle the truth, pretend it%u2019s all just a made up story. You%u2019ll sleep better that way. 

My Review: This book is a first for me. I'm really not sure where I stand with it. 

The main character's nickname is God {due to the letters of his first, middle and last names}. It plays on the creation versus evolution play that people will be battling out for eternity. 

This book has some definite humor in it and I found myself laughing out loud more than once. We all know a person or two that we feel got lucky and should never have been allowed in the gene pool, or at the very least, shouldn't be able to create more human beings. 

That being said, I do consider myself open-minded. But there were a couple of things that did bother me. At a point in the book, O.E Vey feels there should be no NICUs because we should "get a clue" that if they can't come out to live fine on their own, they weren't meant to be here to begin with. I think that was the part in the book that caused me to have to make myself finish reading it. I do hope that it was just meant as a joke that perhaps I just didn't find funny. 

Anyway, there are to be two more books {at least} with Levi -- no, I can't tell you what or who Levi is, read the book: The Mark of Levi and The Return of Levi.

This book is a humorous read that I definitely recommend. However, I will say that if you are easily offended by a more evolutionary approach to creation than the bible, you may want top pass on this. 


Pages: 319

Review copy of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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  1. I'm not sure this is for me either. I believe the whole evolution concept, but not sure I'd want to read a book that mixes in humor and religion


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