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It's Cover Reveal day for  Anathama's Road- Elysians by E.A. Thrall! So exciting! This is the third release from Indie Publisher Yard Time Publishing (which will be the las 2022 release).

Anathama's Road - Elysians is a Dark Fantasy, New Adult, Epic Fantasy, Legends and Mythology

Release Date: December 12


At the Buckroad Inn, Eloralynn, an Elysian princess who has long begged Ohren to take up his throne, recounts the tale of the Seventeen Elysians. As she tells the tale of the forebears of all races, The Children, and their strife against the rebellious god Odrum, Ohren grapples with the shame of his past.

Anathama’s Road weaves together the tales of the Seventeen Elysians and the Sons of Remr. Together these tales tell the ages long war between the Vanya and the Merath, the gods of the world.

Eloralynn speaks of the first Elysians, the Three from the Sky, and the Four from the Tree. She tells how they came to find the Five from the Mountain and Five from the Sea, amidst the incredible danger brought about by Odrum and the Merath. Ohren recounts the Sons of Remr, who lost their immortality in their strife against Odrum.

Outside the Buckroad Inn, a new threat looms, for Odrum was but a puppet to a larger foe. The patrons of the Buckroad Inn would do well to listen, for if the races of Ely are to survive the coming storm, they must remember their singular origin and unite against this common foe.

Ready for the cover?

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