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Summary from GoodReads: The first look at the philosophical issues behind Charlaine Harris's New York Times bestsellers The Southern Vampire Mysteries and the True Blood television series
Teeming with complex, mythical characters in the shape of vampires, telepaths, shapeshifters, and the like, True Blood, the popular HBO series adapted from Charlaine Harris's bestselling The Southern Vampire Mysteries, has a rich collection of themes to explore, from sex and romance to bigotry and violence to death and immortality. The goings-on in the mythical town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, where vampires satiate their blood lust and openly commingle with ordinary humans, present no shortages of juicy metaphysical morsels to sink your teeth into.
Now True Blood and Philosophy calls on the minds of some of history's great thinkers to perform some philosophical bloodletting on such topics as Sookie and the metaphysics of mindreading; Maryann and sacrificial religion; werewolves, shapeshifters and personal identity; vampire politics, evil, desire, and much more.
- The first book to explore the philosophical issues and themes behind the True Blood novels and television series
- Adds a new dimension to your understanding of True Blood characters and themes
- The perfect companion to the start of the third season on HBO and the release of the second season on DVD.

Smart and entertaining, True Blood and Philosophy provides food—or blood—for thought, and a fun, new way to look at the series.

My Review: I have to admit, as interested in philosophy as I am, this one took me awhile to read. I'd read a chapter or two, sit it down and go back a couple days later. I did find that after reading, I psychoanalyze the show. 

That being said, the book wasn't bad. This is a very thought provoking book. It examines Sookie's world and how religion relates to Vampires. It also looks deeper into a human and Vampire relationship. It goes into many, many issues and portrays so many things that we can find even within ourselves, without Vampires in our everyday life {even with thought as to how we perceive things that aren't like us}.

This book does not cover all of the books. It covers the first 2 seasons of the HBO television show and Charlaine Harris' first books. 

I'm expecting a part 2 of this book after a few more novels and a few more HBO series seasons. 

A must have for any and all True Blood fans. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of only the show or only the books or of both. 

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

Pages: 246

Review copy of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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  1. This one sounds way over my head and I'm ok in admitting that. I do enjoy true blood and the series of books, but now way, I'm not even going to try this one.


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