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Summary from GoodReads:Patrick MacGregor is a hunted man living on the edge. With his land stolen and clan outlawed, Patrick and his MacGregor clansmen have been forced into hiding—blame for which Patrick puts squarely on the shoulders of the hated Campbells. Patrick will stop at nothing to save his clan from destruction, and marriage to Elizabeth Campbell, whose quiet beauty he’d admired from afar, just might be the answer. Arranging an attack seems to be the perfect means to win the trust of the protected lass, but soon Patrick realizes that it isn’t just his life at stake if she discovers the truth of his identity, but something he’d thought lost long ago—his heart.

Elizabeth Campbell has never done anything reckless in her life. Shy and dutiful, Lizzie has always tried to do the right thing—even suffering through the humiliation of two broken engagements without complaint. But behind the serious fa├žade is a passionate woman fighting to get out. So when a handsome mysterious warrior rescues her from an attack, Lizzie boldly asks him to stay. Seduced by his kiss and mesmerized by the edge of danger that surrounds him, Lizzie succumbs to the promise beckoning from behind his shadowed gaze, believing she’s found the perfect man. But soon Lizzie wonders whether in risking her heart, she’s lost everything.

My Review: {This book is for adult readers} --Campbell Trilogy #2: Even an enemy can feel badly for another enemy. Is that sympathy wrong? Well, that would depend on which MacGregor brother you are asking. Lizzie Campbell, sister of feared Jamie Campbell can seem to get engaged, but never married. Three engagements and aging quickly, she still has not married.

The MacGregors are still outlaws and part of a huge feud with the Campbells.

Jamie Campbell is still the most feared henchmen in the Highlands. However, this book focuses more on Lizzie and her engagement and marriage troubles. To my disappointment, he's hardly mentioned and his wife Caitrina mentioned even less. Jamie doesn't even make an *appearance* until page 98.

Patrick MacGregor realizes that he has feelings for Lizzie the moment he lays eyes on her and also knows that they are something that cannot be. Or can they? The first meeting and feelings he thought were a fluke, the second time he wasn't so sure. What can he offer her? A life on the run? It's no way to want the person that you care for to live. Little does he know, Lizzie feels the same for him.

Through the book they struggle with right and wrong and love and status...the things that can happen when you don't spell out your feelings completely.

Overall, this book was a good read once you got going. However, after reading book 1, since it is a trilogy, I had assumed it would be based on Jamie and Caitrina again, so I was definitely disappointed in that.

Pages: 361

Review copy of this book purchased by me.

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