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Summary from GoodReads: Duncan Campbell is a natural born leader, possessing all the attributes for a Highland chieftain except for one: legitimacy. Forced from the Highlands for a crime he didn’t commit, Duncan has earned a reputation as the fiercest, most skilled mercenary on the continent. Vowing to restore his name and clear the cloud of treason hanging over his head, Duncan returns to the Highlands to find the one person who might hold the key to his freedom: the woman he’d once loved who’d betrayed him. But when he surprises her swimming in a loch, he finds himself facing the bad end of a pistol.

Told she was impulsive her whole life like her mother who’d destroyed their family when she’d run off with an Englishman over twenty years ago, Jeannie Grant had never believed it—until she met Duncan Campbell. The bastard born son of a chieftain was not a suitable husband for the daughter of a powerful Highland chief, but Duncan made Jeannie willing to risk everything. She gave him her innocence and he failed her, forcing Jeannie to learn the hard way what happens when you follow your heart. Now Jeannie is shocked to find that the brigand she’s shot is the same man who broke her heart all those years ago. But the hard, ruthless man is nothing like the charming young scoundrel she remembers. When their attempt to prove Duncan’s innocence uncovers a deadly secret, not only their lost love, but their lives hang in the balance.

My Review: {This book is for adult readers} --Campbell Trilogy #3: With book 3, we yet again focus on another couple. Others from the previous books make appearances, but aren't in as much as I'd like for them to be.

We finally get to meet Duncan Campbell. After being in hiding, he's made quite the name for himself on other soil. He comes back ten years later to seek out the only woman who can help him clear his name so that he can return to his rightful life in the Highlands.

Ten years ago, when he left, he felt that it was Jeannie, his love, that had betrayed them, along with her father and the man she married soon after he left. A war is starting out and Jeannie finds herself with some information of the plans her clan has to betray the Campbells during battle. Should she have backed her father as she did? Should she have backed the man that she loved and was to marry? Does Duncan flee all those years ago for the right reasons?

This, of course, rekindles the spark of love they once shared and gives him new light on if she really betrayed him or not. He also gets another quite interesting surprise.

This book, of course, contains some hot scenes as do the others in this trilogy. I still find myself wishing that all three books would have focused on Jamie and Caitrina. No other character in her books has grabbed me quite as Jamie did.

Definitely a read for you if you like Highlander books.

Pages: 404

Review copy of this book purchased by me.

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  1. I'm surprised that in a trilogy they didn't keep the same main cahracters. That would seems strange to me too.

  2. Hi Mystee,

    Wanted to read these for a wee while but caught up in Charlaine Harris, Steph Myers and P.C. Cast and daughter LOL xx Got Steph's new book yesterday and am tickled pink as it was the release day too. (the short second life of bree tanner)

    This past week I've been into M.K.Hume and the Arthur trilogy. Just finishing of book 2 before starting Steph's. Book three not out yet.

    Highland Scoundrel sounds similar to the King Arthur tales. I'm sure you'll enjoy them too. They are so different from the normal legend and she really has a way with words. Obviously living in Scotland this Highland book really appeals to me. Gonna nip into WH Smith's tomorrow and see if they have them here in Hawick.

    Ty for the wonderful reviews. So glad you enjoyed your 48 hour book read. You sound like me when mine where younger reading the kids books so they could get help with the dreaded book reviews LOL xx

    Popping back to forum. So glad to see this other blog of yours, got you on blogger now.

    Love and angel blessings always

    Debbie xxx

  3. Oh look at you adding to my huge reading pile :) I'll have to check out the King Arthur tales. I don't live in Scotland, but I'm definitely fascinated with the Highlander books {Maybe it's because I'm part scotch-Irish lol}

    Some of their books stay with historical facts as well and I'd love to visit and see some of the places they speak of.


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