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Summary from GoodReads: Just when you thought money buys everything! Born a star to his mother, a young man's life becomes entangled in a web of misfortune and sacrifices he is not yet ready to make. While being raised in the violent slums of Washington D.C., a young man by the name of Whiteboy tells his story about his life and the struggles he endures along his tiresome journey. Amongst friends hides many close enemies, as the hour glass drains so does much of his steam trying to cope with tragedy and triumph in days time. Whiteboy the son of a successful businessman who has earned millions throughout his life without seeing one dime from his father or spending much time with him, the male role models become apparent when the streets come calling to Whiteboy! Living in a shack with his single mother struggling he tries to make life easier by being the man of the house even though he has a police record, his hustle and grind never stops! "The Millionaire's Son" is a touching account of a young man's journey inside of the hood, despite being the son of a millionaire. A life story worth reading! When hood banging meets the political side of the streets? The Millionaire's Son Screams!

My Review: The first thing I notice within this book is the author's knowledge of placing into print *street* words. This book is short, so you don't get a clear picture for true character development. It may be a good idea {perhaps with a different publisher} to expand this as more people read this shorter version.

Whiteboy {not white, just a street name} tells the story of his friends and enemies that lurk disguised as friends. He and his mother struggled while his father was a successful businessman. He hustles to try to make some type of life for his mother.

In the end, the map of the book changes, and the slang is the past. Whiteboy finds his true way to improvement and begins on the track for college.

Before picking up this book, be sure that you are comfortable with a lot of adult language {*f* word, etc} and some borderline anti-feminist thoughts.


Pages: 84

Review copy of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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  1. Thanks for this review Myst. This is my favorite site, though I don't always comment. You review everything and I appreciate that so much more than the blogs that stay within one or two categories.


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