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Summary from GoodReads: A Small Town Goes MadA large pharmaceutical company begins operations in a small outlying community in New England. Interdependence, intrinsic distrust, confused rumors and local ethics all become part of the mix. A local school teacher leads a group of concerned citizens who are suspicious about the research being conducted by the company. Honesty and morality and a menagerie of animals become part of the debate. There are the weak and the strong and sometimes there is bullying in the Company and among townspeople. In all of this Duckegg moves between his sense of not belonging to his often dysfunctional family and to the pride of being a hero. He is honest with himself but sometimes blatantly dishonest with others. He suffers the sorrow of loss and the shame of unintentional harm done by him. The balancing act between the Company and the Town’s people, the personal conflicts and the clashing of personalities, the bullies and the bullied, the clever and the not so smart, the conniving and the innocent, ultimately culminates in a town gone mad, at least for a day

My Review: This book is yet another that manages to work more than one main story point into the book. Have I mentioned how much I love that?

There is a pharmaceutical company that Duckegg works for and I really wish there had been more detail on this part of the story. This is a good coming of age type book. Duckegg is starting to think more outside his own inner circle. Well developed characters also help this book out. 

I think this is a good read for most any reader, though especially for young adults. I love the incite given on a family not being perfect. It seems that so often in book and television that families are picture perfect or the exact opposite and absolutely dreadful. This book put a realistic touch on a family that wasn't perfect, but wasn't the bottom of the stick either. 


Pages: 317

Review copy of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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