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Summary from GoodReads: For him power and glory are not enough, immortality is the only possibility. His vanity consumes him, forcing his actions to capture, control, and twist her very reality. He will make her like him, in this he will not yield. Welcome to Devin Sinclair's world... A world where each move is watched, each move is carefully controlled, and trusting your eyes can be a fatal mistake. She is alone, terrified of even her own deteriorating sanity. She must find the truth which hides in the book, the book that reviles what really happened the few months she was held captive, locked in a game he directs. Devin must unravel the truth and learn to trust her mind if she is ever to find freedom for her and her fellow captives.

My Review: We go into the mind of a problematic {at best description} of a 16 year old girl. You get to read and try to decide, is Devon normal? Is she crazy? Is this a maddening dream? 

Devon is in a mental hospital and after her release decides to run away feeling she's a harm to her family. And I dare you not to fall for Cole, our bad boy of the novel. I can also tell you, that it didn't end as I suspected that it would {always a plus for me}.

This book has a lot of time and character and awake to sleep changes in voices and times. These are also not generally changed between chapters, but during them and sometimes more than once. If you are a reader who finds changing perspective and time an annoyance, this book is probably not one that you will want to pick up. If you can follow that and are a fan of psychological suspense, this book is definitely for you. 


Pages: 313

Review copy of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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