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Title: The Return of Black Douglas
Author:  Elaine Coffman
Genre: Highlander Romance, Time Travel, M/F
Book Details: novel
Format Reviewed:EBOOK
Blurb:   While visiting the Scottish tombs of her forebears, American archeologist Isobella Douglas encounters the ghost of her famous ancestor, Sir James, the Black Douglas. The matchmaking ghost seizes on her romantic fantasies, and before she knows it, Isobella and her twin sister, Elisabeth, a doctor, find themselves whisked to 16th-century Scotland, inappropriately dressed. When the dastardly Macleans capture Elisabeth, Alysandir Mackinnon, entirely fascinated by half-naked, strong-willed Isobella, offers to help her get her sister back. Bestseller Coffman (The Bride of Black Douglas) spins a rewarding love story between her two intelligent, stubborn protagonists, keeping their relationship fresh and their conflicts credible. Toss in a boy in need of a father, intriguing details of 16th-century customs, and a substantial but not overwhelming dose of sex, and the result is a satisfying time travel romance. (Apr.)
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My Review:  I have to admit to reading another Highlander time travel novel. This one kept me back and forth. One moment loving it, another almost hating it. At certain points the same issues kept going and going, making them seem to be on overkill.

Isobella's sister, Elisabeth was brought in as sort of a secondary storyline, but it wasn't done as well or as completely as it could have been. So, when you're reading the epilogue, it just feels as though you could have been told so much more on the story part rather than having all the additional repeat conflict between Alysandir and Isobella.

I normally try not to do these, but for me, it seems important to include due to my feelings on the book.

We never really find out why Black Douglas does what he does. I really don't like unclosed matters in a book. If there is a sequel, fine. However, things still need to be neatly wrapped at the end of one before going on to the next.

In the end, I really wanted to hear first hand about Alysandir's wedding and their children and their happily ever after. It was left with him stating he wanted her to be his wife. The prologue is about the girls' parents traveling to Scotland, visiting where they did a year later to try to determine how their daughters disappeared. They find their answers, but to me, the ending simply wasn't well done. I don't think the parent's closure needed the ending of a book that barely focused on them.

Rating: 3 of 5

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